Pomp and Circuitry

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Land of Bits and Numbers, Coder of the Free,
How shall we compile thee, who are born of thee?
Wider still and wider shall thy RAM be set;
Charge, who made thee compute, make thee faster yet,
Charge, who made thee compute, make thee faster yet.

Theme from Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, the Trio section entitled “Land of Hope and Glory.” Featuring a stately procession of snippy clippy drums and other blippy and synthesized sounds.

Synthprovisation 2

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Slapdash synthetic speculation seems skimpy - superior studies support sensible simulacra. Short, sweet, simple, sustained - should showgoers scrutinize such skills? Surely: serious, somber, silly, spanning sundry sensibilities, switching sensations systematically, suggesting solidly serviceable songs - savor sans sin!

A Night In

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Showing soon at a flat-screen TV near you - pretty much whatever you want, provided you can navigate the increasing labyrinthine range of services and content providers. With modern technology, one need not go anywhere to witness the latest and greatest of cinematic experiences. Settle in with a snack and this appropriately epic soundtrack, featuring a solo female singer, big drums, orchestral strings and brass, and the requisite touch of the synthetic.

Glass Cage

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Clarity can be a form of containment, and opacity a way to freedom. Information for information sake yields noise - paucity forces focus. This minimalist orchestral piece features full strings, a boys’ choir, solo trombone and oboe, and percussion (glockenspiel, timpani, and cymbal).

Synthvention 2

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Refer to a tenet - solos must be civic. Minim are made level, thus a reifier will bring seles. Ultimately, we distinguish - seities, or sememes?


Bandcamp Vimeo Gumroad
Diamonds aren’t the only thing forged under pressure - some things are darker. What Carbonado lacks in purity it makes up for with sheer toughness. Naturally black, it doesn’t reflect light - it absorbs it. Witness this distortion of carbon, formed from intense pressure under mysterious circumstances. Featuring electric guitars, bass, and drumkit.