Missed Call

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As the existential ethos of humanity becomes trapped behind 5 inch pieces of glass, a new threat emerges - failing to connect despite omnipresent technological incitement. What is the proper response in a situation that inherently lacks response? Where else can the ego find solace when the possibility of external validation is curtailed?

Featuring a variety of clicky, thumpy, and brassy sounds created by the phase distortion synthesizer Digits 2.

Dark Descent

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Not all journeys proceed in a clear fashion - some are towards a less-seen path. Come along on an expedition into the inevitable unknown, and remember that it is always darkest before the light. Featuring full orchestra (brass, strings, woodwinds, drums, gong, harp) and solo soprano vocalist.

Another Castle

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Now hiring - princess rescuer. Must be able to jump several times own height. Skull should be of comparable hardness to brick and other masonry. There will be a drug test (active psychedelics in the system make for a significantly stronger candidate). Expertise in tubes and piping systems also a plus. To apply, please visit the nearest ominously looming tower in your vicinity.

This videogame-inspired track has elements of bossa and jazz, and features 8-bit style sounds synthesized by Z3TA+ 2.

Flying Around in Irrelevancies

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Ever done something where you’re not sure why? Went to a place just to see something fly? Saw a bright kite, high up in the air? It’s flying in irrelevancies, from here to there.

Featuring bright keys, hollow bass, funky leads, snappy drums, and smooth flutes, all synthesized.

Red and Blue

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Some say the nation will end in red,
    Some say in blue.
From cable news I’ve watched with dread
I hold with those who flee from red.
    But if it had to fall anew,
I think I know of enough greed
    To say that for delusion blue
Can too mislead
    And it would do.

Featuring a patriotic assortment of drums and brass.

Tropical Whorl

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The best place to spin is around the longest circumference - enjoy this jazzy bossa, and keep turning. Featuring a jazz quartet (piano, upright bass, drums, guitar) backed by strings and with extra energy added by djembe.