Snap Crackle

Bandcamp Vimeo Gumroad
What is it that makes us tick? What makes it catchy, why does it stick? Some things just make you dance and hop. Enjoy this tune, Snap Crackle.

Featuring an appropriately mainstream ensemble of electric guitar and bass, snappy snaps and crackly claps, upbeat synthesized and vocal sounds, and drums courtesy of MotorTown by SKnote Audio.

Child of Zultron

Bandcamp Vimeo Gumroad
Somewhere, out in space, is a child of wonder - wand’ring the stars, in search of meaning and delight. It matters not the place, nor the time of which we witness - only pondering the proof of all that glistens in the night.

Featuring a variety of toys and synthesized sounds, appropriately thematic for a (mildly surreal) children’s program.

Baby Dinosaur from Outer Space

Bandcamp Vimeo Gumroad
Hatched in an unknown galaxy, an exotic creature is inadvertently dragged towards an unexpected destiny. What will it make of the universe that is laid out before it - and what will the universe make of it? Featuring a variety of synthesized sounds (voice, strings, snare and other drums, electric guitar, effects) all created with the free software synthesizer Synth1.

Tempered Monkeys

Bandcamp Vimeo Gumroad
Beware the tempered monkeys
There is very much they know
They take their own pictures
Challenging the status quo
All of us other monkeys
Don’t know if we are the same
And so we made their pictures
Works of the public domain.

Featuring a string orchestra, tribal drums, a deft harpsichord, a rather emphatic choir, and a duo of dastardly trombones.

Ersatz Crackerjack

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Snacks are facts, but is their truth intact? You may witness an ersatz crackerjack! Presenting itself as if it were all that, but you know better - don’t let it lead you off track!

Featuring synthesized sounds demonstrating various levels of expertise and/or mastery.

The Last Donut

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Mmmmm, donuts… but wait, what is this? The last of its kind! How will we persevere in the face of this most tragic shortage? What substitute can we consume in the name of excessively gooey goodness?

Featuring appropriately surreal sounds for such a dramatic eventuality, including weird singing and plucking.