Jazzaria is an experiment - fresh music released every Sunday free for you to enjoy and reuse. How free, exactly? See the license for details, but the short of it is “very” - for most music here you can listen, remix, broadcast, all royalty-free. The only rule is to credit Jazzaria as your source and release your content with a similar freedom-promoting license (but you can still charge money or otherwise commercialize!).

If you like what you hear then you can support it in a few different ways. Buying from commercial services (Loudr, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play) integrates into your existing music collection, while buying direct (through Gumroad) gives you lossless quality and a license for noncommercial reuse without having to give credit. You can also stream from Spotify, download for free from Jamendo, pay whatever you want via Bandcamp, or support just because via Patreon.

Jazzaria is hosted by 5apps, generated using Hugo, themed with Hyde-X, and can be found elsewhere on the Internet at:

Thanks, and enjoy the music.